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Custom Purification

Our Service Centre in Dinslaken,Germany and Komatsu, Japan occupies laboratory and pilot plant space, where a variety of systems and columns with e.g. 50-1000 mm i.d. are routinely available for scale-up and pilot scale chromatography...

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Customer Training and Education

For a modern company continuing education is an absolute must. This is independent from the position one holds, training will improve the skills of the lab manager and the lab assistant in the same manner...

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Validation Support

The established quality control systems not only demand precision and accuracy for the applied methods but also robustness and reliability. These strong demands on the LC procedures have to be considered, when working in a regulated environment. The YMC service comprises support in...

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  • Dr. Mathias Hehn
  • Head of Laboratories
  • ph. +49 (0)2064 427-280