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Custom Purification

Our service centers in Dinslaken, Germany and Komatsu, Japan possess laboratory and pilot plant spaces, where a variety of systems and columns with e.g. 50-1000 mm i.d. is routinely available for scale-up and pilot scale chromatography.

At the beginning of a project there is always an intensive verfication resulting in a precise definition requirement specifications and target specifications of your demands on the isolated compound(s) like amount and purity of the wanted substance or time scale.

Then, if no existing method is available, we generate an optimised process for this project and provide an offer based on our scale-up estimates.

Finally, the isolation of the substance under investigation is performed and provided to you with a written report and a certificate of analysis.

Should you want us to become involved on a confidential level of cooperation, please indicate whatever details you can reveal at this stage for pre-evaluation according to our questionnaire.

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