YMC Pilot<sup>PLUS</sup> Glass Columns

YMC PilotPLUS Glass Columns

YMC PilotPLUS Glass Columns

    YMC PilotPLUS - The New Standard

    YMC PilotPLUS is the new standard for your pilot scale applications. It is completely biocompatible and characterized by safe and easy handling. Packing, operating and unpacking the column is a smooth procedure due to a number of significant advantages.




    Your Benefits

    Safe and Easy Handling

    • Piston insertion without air bubbles
    • Safe and simple unpacking
    • Fast slurry transferEasy Piston Adjustment





    Easy Piston Adjustment

    • Inclined glass body surface
    • Easily sliding gasket
    • Optimised flow distribution





    Unique Sealing Principle

    • Extremely small dead areas
    • Tool-free frit removal
    • Combined sealing and frit fixation





    Removable Column Body

    • Locking bolts for fast removal
    • Handles for simplified transportation
    • Easy unpacking in upside-down position




    Fast Slurry Transfer

    Rapid, bubble-free slurry transfer with the handling infilling assistance tool!
    The infillingt assistence is available in all column IDs for perfect fit.







    Reliable Column Locking

    The removable column body is tightened and untightened using three handy locking bolts at the column stand.
    The colum stand is available in two versions:

    1. Levelled version for in-process opertion
    2. Wheeled version for transportation and storage


    All materials are in compliance with FDA regulations. Certification and full documentation (BSE/TSE, USP Class VI) is available for validation purposes.





    Title Document Type Language Phase Type Download
    YMC PilotPLUS - The New Standard For Pilot Scale Applications Brochure E
    Betriebsanleitung YMC PilotPLUS Manual D
    Glass Columns’ Logbook – Cleaning Manual E
    Glass Columns’ Logbook – Maintenance Manual E
    Glass Columns’ Logbook – Operation Manual E
    Logbuch Glassäulen – Betrieb Manual D
    Logbuch Glassäulen – Reinigung Manual D
    Logbuch Glassäulen – Wartung Manual D
    Manual YMC PilotPLUS Manual E
    Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung Packen von Pilotglassäulen Manual D
    Step-by-Step Guide to Packing Pilot Scale Glass Columns Manual E
    YMC Glass Columns for Lab and Pilot Scale Overview E
    Einfaches Glassäulen-Packen mit Softgelen Poster D
    How to pack a glass column with soft gels Poster E
    LC separations on pilot scale: Success criteria for packing quality Poster E
    Questionnaire for YMC Glass Columns (Lab and Pilot Scale) Questionnaire E
    Cleaning and Cleaning Validation of Glass Columns Laboratory and Pilot Scale Whitepaper E

    Ordering Guide


    Column (Column body and adjustable end piece)


    Column Stand




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