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June 2020

by Thomas Kerkewitz

Do you regularly work with HILIC columns?

Do you have a new project that requires you to try a HILIC separation
You probably know that HILIC is very different from reversed phase chromatography and the development of a robust and reproducible HILIC method can be a challenging process. Because HILIC is less well understood than other chromatographic methods the success of a method is often perceived to be predestined by the physicochemical properties of the analytes. 
This is something you can’t change, but can you use it to your benefit?
We have prepared a review highlighting influences on the separation mechanisms in HILIC mode as a helpful tool for method development and troubleshooting.
Download our Technical Note to unravel the HILIC separation mechanisms and benefit from optimised methods.


Do you regularly work with HILIC columns?

New cross reference list for (U)HPLC columns!

Are you looking for an alternative for your current column?
Or do you need an improved separation?
You will find the perfect match in YMC’s new cross reference list!

Just look for your current column in the alphabetically sorted list. Once you have found your column you will find YMC’s direct alternative and recommended improvement in the columns next to it!

Download your copy of the cross reference list.


New cross reference list for (U)HPLC columns



New phase overviews - now even more convenient!

New phase overviews

The perfect tool not only for method developers, but for everybody requiring specifications for the column being used.

YMCs phase overviews:

  • RP (U)HPLC
  • Achiral & chiral LC/SFC overview

Download your copy of the RP (U)HPLC phase overview.

Download your phase overview of the achiral & chiral LC/SFC phase overview.

Are you seeking columns to analyse biomolecules?
Then, our BioLC phase overview covering RP, SEC, IEX and HIC columns will be of interest

We value your experience – why not share it?

YMC values your opinion and experience! As an experienced user you might want to tell us and other users of your experiences with your YMC columns. In addition, you have the chance to win an amazon voucher periodically.

Share your opinion of your YMC (U)HPLC columns by simply clicking on one of the links below and you will be guided through a simple 4-step form:

Thank you very much for your opinion!

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