YMC Pilot Glass Columns

YMC Pilot Glass Columns

YMC Pilot Glass Columns

    YMC Pilot columns are designed for use in pilot and production scale applications with organic solvents (SR version) or aqueous buffers (AB version). This makes them suitable for all common separation modes in liquid chromatography including normal phase, reversed phase or ion-exchange chromatography.

    Next to the standard dimensions, custom-made columns are available on request. For temperature sensitive applications, YMC Pilot columns are available with a heating/cooling jacket made of glass.

    Column Portfolio

    Parameter Standard Columns
    Inner Diameters [mm] 100, 140, 200, 300
    Bed Lenghts [mm] 500, 850
    Pressure Range [bar] 10 - 3
    Temperature Range [°C] 4 - 40


    Packing adapters are used if the packing method requires additional column volume during the packing process. More volume than given by the column alone may be required when the column is packed with the slurry method. A suspension of material and packing solvent in a concentration of approximately 30 – 50% is used, depending on the packing material. The additional packing solvent above the finished column bed will be removed later but during the packing process the packing adapter gives the additional volume which is required for this method.


    Title Document Type Language Phase Type Download
    YMC-Pilot Columns Brochure E
    Bedienunganleitung YMC-Pilot Säule Manual D
    Betriebsanleitung YMC Pilot mit Heiz-/Kühlmantel Manual D
    Glass Columns’ Logbook – Cleaning Manual E
    Glass Columns’ Logbook – Maintenance Manual E
    Glass Columns’ Logbook – Operation Manual E
    Logbuch Glassäulen – Betrieb Manual D
    Logbuch Glassäulen – Reinigung Manual D
    Logbuch Glassäulen – Wartung Manual D
    Manual Rotatable YMC-Pilot Column Manual E Please login
    Manual YMC Pilot with heating/cooling jacket Manual E
    Manual YMC-Pilot Column Manual E
    YMC Glass Columns for Lab and Pilot Scale Overview E
    Einfaches Glassäulen-Packen mit Softgelen Poster D
    How to pack a glass column with soft gels Poster E
    Questionnaire for YMC Glass Columns (Lab and Pilot Scale) Questionnaire E
    Cleaning and Cleaning Validation of Glass Columns Laboratory and Pilot Scale Whitepaper E

    Request Now

    Please contact YMC for a specific solution for your purification process.

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    Individual Solutions

    YMC offers special solutions for individual needs regarding:

    • Materials
    • Design
    • Size
    • System integration

    Please ask us for your individual column design. You can use the "Questionnaire for YMC Pilot Columns" to request further information.

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