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News Details

July 2020

by Thomas Kerkewitz

Excellent stability of YMC-Triart Prep


Only mechanically stable chromatography materials allow a reliable and long-lasting use. Frequent repackings, higher flow rates and increased lifetimes are achieved with a mechanically stable material.

YMC-Triart fulfils all these criteria. The resin has been tested involving a DAC column and hydraulic compression with packing pressures up to 1,000 bar. YMC-Triart Prep demonstrated excellent stability throughout the entire studies!

  • Mechanical stability for packing pressures of 1,000 bar
  • Lower backpressures due to an improved particle size distribution
  • Increased lifetime and flow rates for an improved productivity

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Pressure vs. number of packing cycles for YMC-Triart Prep and conventional silica


Compendium on method development strategies in preparative LC

All important aspects of a successful preparative chromatography in a concentrated and clear format! This is what makes this compendium a highly useful resource in any laboratory.

The most comprehensive approach for developing efficient methods in preparative LC is the linear scale-up, which consist of:

  • Method development at analytical scale
  • Loadability studies on analytical scale
  • Scale-up to preparative process
  • Regulatory affairs

Send your request for the Whitepaper here and gain detailed insight into preparative method development.

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YMC Compendium on method development strategies in preparative LC


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