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July 2020

by Thomas Kerkewitz

Dedicated SEC columns for antibodies, their monomers, fragments and aggregates

Dedicated SEC columns for antibodies, their monomers, fragments and aggregates
If you are looking for a column to separate your antibodies from their fragments as well as from their aggregates, YMC-SEC MAB is your first choice! The column is designed to separate high and low molecular weight ranges, due to its 250 Å pore size.
High column stability as well as excellent reproducibility is guaranteed!

The 2019 SCIENTISTS’ CHOICE AWARD NOMINEE is designed for:

  •  Antibodies: monomers, fragments, aggregates
  •  and even Antibody-Drug-Conjugates (ADCs)

Features of YMC-SEC MAB columns are:

  •  Superior lot-to-lot reproducibility
  •  Higher resolution for high and low MW (10-700 kDa)
  •  High column stability

Check out the flyer or visit our homepage to discover more about YMC-SEC MAB.



Optimisation of phosphorothioate oligonucleotide separations

Optimisation of phosphorothioate oligonucleotide separations

Are you working with oligonucleotides?
Are you analysing phosphorothioate oligonucleotides via IEX?

Phosphorothioate oligonucleotides (PS) tend to show broader peaks due to their high acidity. This application note demonstrates how to obtain narrow peaks and high sensitivity by optimising the separation of PS using YMC’s strong anion exchanger column BioPro IEX QF using only 5 steps.

You can get the full application note here.

How to successfully pack glass columns with small inner diameter

YMC Europe: List of alternatives for BioLC columns!

Are you looking for an alternative for your current BioLC column?
Do you need to improve your existing analysis?
You will discover the perfect match in YMC’s new BioLC alternatives list!

You will find your current column in the list sorted by mode - SEC, IEX, RP and HIC - and manufacturer. Once you found your column you will find important specifications and YMC’s direct alternative as well as YMC’s recommended improvement.

You can download the BioLC alternatives list here.



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