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News Details

July 2020

by Thomas Kerkewitz

The robust all-rounder: YMC glass column as fixed bed reactors


YMC glass column as fixed bed reactors


You are looking for a robust and all-purpose glass column?
Here is an example for the wide application range of YMC glass columns!
Within the scope of a study in which different methods for enzyme immobilisation 
were compared, ECOPLUS glass columns were used as fixed bed reactors.
With YMC glass columns as fixed bed reactors, you get:

  • Increased adsorption capacity
  • Catalytic activity as a continuous process
  • High activity level
  • Strong binding of enzyme

Click here to download the Technical Note “Glass Columns as fixed bed reactors for immobilised enzymes”


Biocompatible pilot scale glass columns


You are working with biomolecules and self-packed glass columns?

Use the YMC PilotPLUS columns which are especially designed for BioLC applications!
Due to the following features, packing 
and operation are simplified:

  • Bubble-free piston insertion 
    due to the unique drain function
  • Fast and clean unpacking 
    due to the removable column body
  • Tool-free maintenance 
    due to the special, permanent sealing principle 

You want to find out more? Download the brochure here!



How to successfully pack glass columns with small inner diameter

Column packing methods can significantly affect column performance, depending on the column inner diameter. For instance, the wall effect has a strong influence when the column inner diameter is small. Therefore, it is important to evaluate in detail such packing parameters that can influence column performance.
The column packing team of YMC has investigated the influence of

  • rate of compression and packing flow rate
  • salt concentration of packing solvent
  • slurry concentration

on the quality of a packed column.

Here you can find out what influence the different packing parameters can have on column quality and how a simple column packing procedure can be derived.


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