YMC*Gel HG-series

YMC*Gel HG-series

High Grade Silica Phases for Preparative HPLC

YMC*Gel HG-series

    Particle Technology

    YMC has achieved considerable improvements in the manufacture of its classical silica base. This has given rise to an improved generation of stationary phases with superior physical attributes: YMC*Gel High Grade (HG)-series.

    Due to its improved mechanical stability and its more uniform pore and particle size distribution the benefits of YMC*Gel HG-series products are:

    • Higher sample load
    • Less backpressure
    • Longer column usage
    • More repacking times possible
    • More efficient column packing

    Available Phases are:

    • YMC*Gel Diol-HG
    • YMC*Gel SIL-HG (Silica)
    • YMC*Gel Ph-HG (Phenyl)
    • YMC*Gel NH2-HG (Amino)
    • YMC*Gel CN-HG (Cyano)
    • YMCbasic
    • YMC Omega
    CN-HG (Cyano)
    Ph-HG (Phenyl)
    NH2-HG (Amino)
    Phase Code CNG PHG NHG
    Modification Cyanopropyl Phenyl Aminopropyl
    Pore Sizes
    [nm / Å]
    12, (20, 30) /
    120, (200, 300)
    12, (20, 30) /
    120, (200, 300)
    12, (20, 30) /
    120, (200, 300)
    Surface Area [m²/g] 330, (175, 100) 330, (175, 100) 330, (175, 100)
    Particle Sizes [µm] 10, 15, 20, 50 10, 15, 20, 50 10, 15, 20, 50
    Carbon Load 7% 9% 3%
    pH Range 2-7.5 2-7.5 2-7.5



    SIL-HG (Silica)
    Phase Code DLG SLG
    Modification 1,2-Dihydroxypropyl -
    Pore Sizes
    [nm / Å]
    12, 20, 30 /
    120, 200, 300
    6; 8; 12, 20, 30 /
    60; 80; 120, 200, 300
    Surface Area [m²/g] 330, 175, 100 450; 510; 330, 175, 100
    Particle Sizes [µm] 10, 15, 20, 50 10, 15, 20, 50
    Carbon Load - -
    pH Range 2-7.5 -


      YMCbasic YMC Omega
    Phase Code BA OMG
    Modification C8 proprietary
    Pore Sizes [nm / Å]
    20 / 200 proprietary
    Surface Area [m²/g] 175 proprietary
    Particle Sizes [µm] 10, 15, 20 10, 20, 50
    Carbon Load 7% 15%
    pH Range 2-7.5 2-7.5


    YMC*Gel Diol-HG
    Phase Code DLG
    Modification 1,2-Dihydroxypropyl
    Pore Sizes 12, 20, 30 nm / 120, 200, 300 Å
    Surface Area 330, 175, 100 m2/g
    Particle Sizes 10, 15, 20, 50 µm
    pH Range 2-7.5


    The silica-based YMC*Gel Diol-HG is a rugged and efficient normal phase, reversed phase or size exclusion material. It is generally used for the separation of biomolecules and pharmaceuticals. As the non-specific adsorptive sites have been eliminated it exhibits better performance characteristics for size separations than nonbonded silica. YMC*Gel Diol-HG is available in four porosities: 6, 12, 20 and 30 nm. Diol- 12 is most suitable for the separation of peptides or oligosaccharides with molecular weights of 10,000 or less, whereas Diol-20, and -30 (either used individually or in combination) are suitable for separations of proteins and other water-soluble compounds with molecular weights of 10,000 to several hundred thousands.

    YMC*Gel SIL-HG (Silica)
    Phase Code SLG SL
    Pore Sizes

    6; 8; 12, 20, 30 nm /

    60; 80; 120, 200, 300 Å

    6; 12 nm /

    60; 120Å
    Surface Area 450; 510; 330, 175, 100 m2/g 450; 330 m2/g
    Particle Sizes 10, 15, 20, 50 µm 75, 150 µm
    pH Range 2-7.5


    YMC*Gel SIL-HG is a fully scalable, high purity silica gel, which provides excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility and high sample recoveries. The totally porous spherical particles are mechanically and chemically stable, yet provide high surface area for greater sample loading and increased resolution.

    Improved Silica Base for Better Performance

    Improvements in the production process of the base silica has led to particles with higher mechanical stability and more uniform particle and pore size distribution (see microscopy images below).



    Tangible Improvements for your Process

    A narrower particle size distribution with lower tendency for the HG-silica material to produce fines translates directly into a reduced backpressure of preparative processes. On average a 7% backpressure reduction can be seen, which increases dramatically with each repacking step.

    Impact of Pore Size Differences

    YMC*Gel is available in a variety of different pore sizes. Pore sizes are usually matched to sample molecule sizes. Pore sizes can also be used to adjust ligand density and hence retention characteristics of a bonded phase, since the size of the pores also affects the total media surface area in a packed column.

    Title Document Type Language Phase Type Download
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    Bulk Packing Materials for Preparative Chromatography Overview E

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    Product Description
    CNG12S11 YMC*Gel CN-HG (Cyano), 12nm S10µm
    CNG12S16 YMC*Gel CN-HG (Cyano), 12nm S15µm
    CNG12S21 YMC*Gel CN-HG (Cyano), 12nm S20µm
    CNG12S50 YMC*Gel CN-HG (Cyano), 12nm S50µm
    CNG20S11 YMC*Gel CN-HG (Cyano), 20nm S10µm
    CNG20S16 YMC*Gel CN-HG (Cyano), 20nm S15µm
    CNG20S21 YMC*Gel CN-HG (Cyano), 20nm S20µm
    CNG30S11 YMC*Gel CN-HG (Cyano), 30nm S10µm
    CNG30S16 YMC*Gel CN-HG (Cyano), 30nm S15µm
    CNG30S21 YMC*Gel CN-HG (Cyano), 30nm S20µm
    DLG12S11 YMC*Gel Diol-HG, 12nm S10µm
    DLG12S16 YMC*Gel Diol-HG, 12nm S15µm
    DLG12S21 YMC*Gel Diol-HG, 12nm S20µm
    DLG12S50 YMC*Gel Diol-HG, 12nm S50µm
    DLG20S11 YMC*Gel Diol-HG, 20nm S10µm
    DLG20S16 YMC*Gel Diol-HG, 20nm S15µm
    DLG20S21 YMC*Gel Diol-HG, 20nm S20µm
    DLG30S11 YMC*Gel Diol-HG, 30nm S10µm
    DLG30S16 YMC*Gel Diol-HG, 30nm S15µm
    DLG30S21 YMC*Gel Diol-HG, 30nm S20µm
    NHG12S11 YMC*Gel NH2-HG (Amino), 12nm S10µm
    NHG12S16 YMC*Gel NH2-HG (Amino), 12nm S15µm
    NHG12S21 YMC*Gel NH2-HG (Amino), 12nm S20µm
    NHG12S50 YMC*Gel NH2-HG (Amino), 12nm S50µm
    NHG20S11 YMC*Gel NH2-HG (Amino), 20nm S10µm
    NHG20S16 YMC*Gel NH2-HG (Amino), 20nm S15µm
    NHG20S21 YMC*Gel NH2-HG (Amino), 20nm S20µm
    NHG30S11 YMC*Gel NH2-HG (Amino), 30nm S10µm
    NHG30S16 YMC*Gel NH2-HG (Amino), 30nm S15µm
    NHG30S21 YMC*Gel NH2-HG (Amino), 30nm S20µm
    OMG99S11 YMC-Omega, S10µm
    OMG99S21 YMC-Omega, S20µm
    PHG12S11 YMC*Gel Ph-HG (Phenyl), 12nm S10µm
    PHG12S16 YMC*Gel Ph-HG (Phenyl), 12nm S15µm
    PHG12S21 YMC*Gel Ph-HG (Phenyl), 12nm S20µm
    PHG12S50 YMC*Gel Ph-HG (Phenyl), 12nm S50µm
    PHG20S11 YMC*Gel Ph-HG (Phenyl), 20nm S10µm
    PHG20S16 YMC*Gel Ph-HG (Phenyl), 20nm S15µm
    PHG20S21 YMC*Gel Ph-HG (Phenyl), 20nm S20µm
    PHG30S11 YMC*Gel Ph-HG (Phenyl), 30nm S10µm
    PHG30S16 YMC*Gel Ph-HG (Phenyl), 30nm S15µm
    PHG30S21 YMC*Gel Ph-HG (Phenyl), 30nm S20µm
    SLG12S11 YMC*Gel SIL-HG, 12nm S10µm
    SLG12S16 YMC*Gel SIL-HG, 12nm S15µm
    SLG12S21 YMC*Gel SIL-HG, 12nm S20µm
    SLG12S50 YMC*Gel SIL-HG, 12nm S50µm
    SLG20S11 YMC*Gel SIL-HG, 20nm S10µm
    SLG20S16 YMC*Gel SIL-HG, 20nm S15µm
    SLG20S21 YMC*Gel SIL-HG, 20nm S20µm
    SLG30S11 YMC*Gel SIL-HG, 30nm S10µm
    SLG30S16 YMC*Gel SIL-HG, 30nm S15µm
    SLG30S21 YMC*Gel SIL-HG, 30nm S20µm

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