Classical Silica Phases

Classical Silica Phases

Classical Silica Phases for Preparative HPLC

Classical Silica Phases

    Proven Performance

    The classical YMC silica phases are the well-established workhorses that made the reliability, reproducibility and cost-efficacy of YMC preparative phases famous throughout the industry.

    After decades of continuous availability these phases are still widely and successfully implemented in a multitude of industrial purifications. Being the producer and distributor of stationary phases at the same time, YMC is proudly able to supply constant quality at long-term availability.

    The benefits of our classical silica phases are as follows:

    • Proven performance for decades
    • Comparable results from well-established, long-running, validated processes
    • Availability of special particle sizes of up to 150 µm
    • Available lot sizes of up to 250 kg

    Available Phases are:

      YMC*Gel SIL (Silica)
    Phase Code SL
    Modification -
    Pore Sizes [nm / Å]
    6, 12 / 60, 120
    Surface Area [m²/g] 450, 330
    Particle Sizes [µm] 75, 150
    Carbon Load -
    pH Range -


    YMC*Gel SIL-HG (Silica)/YMC*Gel SIL (Silica)
    Phase Code
    Pore Sizes
    6; 12 nm /
    60; 120Å
    Surface Area
    450; 330 m2/g
    Particle Sizes
    75, 150 µm
    pH Range


    YMC*Gel SIL-HG is a fully scalable, high purity silica gel, which provides excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility and high sample recoveries. The totally porous spherical particles are mechanically and chemically stable, yet provide high surface area for greater sample loading and increased resolution.

    Impact of Pore Size Differences

    YMC*Gel is available in a variety of different pore sizes. Pore sizes are usually matched to sample molecule sizes. Pore sizes can also be used to adjust ligand density and hence retention characteristics of a bonded phase, since the size of the pores also affects the total media surface area in a packed column.

    Title Document Type Language Phase Type Download
    MSDS Silica based NP/RP Bulk MSDS E
    Bulk Packing Materials for Preparative Chromatography Overview E

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