YMC is going virtual!

YMC is going virtual!

Meet YMC at Analytica Virtual 2020

    We are looking forward to meet you online!

    YMC at analytica 2020

    The YMC Europe team is looking forward to meeting you - this year virtually at Analytica Virtual - and present YMC's state-of-the-art products.

    YMC Europe is associated with consistent high reproducibility ever since, provided by a wide range of liquid chromatography products, from (U)HPLC columns, bulk media for preparative processes, lab scale glass columns for MPLC, to pilot scale columns.

    At Analytica Virtual 2020, YMC will present state-of-the-art solutions for BioLC users including pH stable wide-pore RP columns, high resolution HIC columns for high throughput, specialised SEC- and highly reproducible IEX columns.

    The innovative YMC-Triart (U)HPLC columns, which offer broad temperature- and pH- stability for the best choice in method development, are presented as well as CHIRAL ART columns including a brand-new immobilised phase.

    Visit us at our virtual booth and learn more about all YMC solutions:

    • Robust (U)HPLC columns for biomolecules: RP - SEC - IEX - HIC
    • Reliable, robust and reproducible (U)HPLC columns: YMC-Triart
    • Immobilised and coated chiral columns: CHIRAL ART => brand-NEW phase!
    • Versatile lab scale glass columns: ECO and ECOPLUS
    • Flexible and biocompatible pilot scale columns: YMC Pilot and YMC PilotPLUS
    • Broad portfolio for preparative/process purposes: YMC-Triart and BioPro IEX

    Visit our virtual booth and learn more about:

    Robust (U)HPLC columns for biomolecules
    • RP-Widepore columns with superior stability: YMC-Triart Bio
    • SEC columns for high resolved MAbs: YMC-SEC MAB
    • IEX columns for high recovery: BioPro IEX
    • HIC columns with exceptional efficiency: BioPro HIC



    Robust, Reliable and Reproducible: YMC-Triart (U)HPLC columns
    • 8 different phases
    • superior batch-to-batch reproducibility
    • highest stability: pH 1-12, temperature up to 90°C
    • full MS-compatibility and optional bioinert hardware
    • all hardware options: from Nano/MicroLC to (semi)prep columns


    Cost efficient CHIRAL ART polysaccharide columns
    • 4 immobilised phases applicable to NP, RP and SFC
    • 2 coated phases applicable to NP and SFC
    • 1 brand-NEW phase, introduced at Analytica Virtual!
    • 3, 5, 10, and 20 µm
    • columns for HPLC and (semi)prep. LC & bulk media for self-packing
    • excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility

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