YMC DAC Columns

YMC DAC Columns

Dynamic Axial Compression Columns for Preparative Scale LC

YMC DAC Columns

    Large scale preparative chromatography techniques are today’s purification method of choice for high value products in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Due to technical advances and innovations in column technology and engineering in the recent years, industrial liquid chromatography has become a well-established, convenient and economic process technique.


    The new series of YMC DAU columns provides high performance chromatography. Dynamical axial compression (DAC) columns are designed for 24 hours production processes. High plate counts and enhanced bed stability are guaranteed by the DAC system. Column efficiency is highly reproducible.


    There is a column suitable for every purpose. The internal diameters routinely available range from 50 mm to 600 mm and columns with diameters of 1000 mm ID have been manufactured. Customisation of column dimensions is available on request. The compact design and the availability of slurry containers ensures high flexibility at production sites. The columns are designed for many applications using different separation mechanisms, including HPLC purifications by ion-exchange or reversed phase chromatography.

    Easy handling

    YMC DAU columns are very easy to operate. Packing procedures are completed within minutes and give reliable and reproducible performance. The use of a slurry container simplifies the packing procedure regarding slurry preparation and transfer to the column. The design of the pistons, column seals and frits allows easy maintenance of the column. Unpacking under sealed conditions prevents dispersal of gel for enhanced security.

    Working Principle of YMC DAC

    A hydraulic jack operates a piston that moves inside the chromatographic column. The piston is used to maintain a controlled dynamic pressure on the chromatographic bed during column operation as well as for packing and unpacking operations. The DAC system allows fast column packing of virtually any kind of packing material and assures excellent bed stability, reproducibility and efficiency in pilot or production columns.


    1. The desired amount of packing material is weighed in a suitable container, the required amount of slurry solvent is added and the suspension stirred until it is homogeneous. Then the slurry is transferred into the column.
    2. The column and slurry inlets are closed and the piston is raised inside the column at a given hydraulic pressure, expelling excess slurry solvent through the column outlet. At the end of this process the column is ready for use.
    3. During column operation, the piston maintains a constant, dynamic pressure on the bed to take up any volume changes caused by settling of the column bed. Formation of voids and channels is therefore prevented. The dynamic aspect of the compression is essential for reproducible column performance.

    Customised Specifications

    YMC offers DAC (Dynamic Axial Compression) columns with three different configurations:-

    1. The standard configuration is a column where the compression piston moves upwards. (DAU: Dynamic Axial Compression Upwards).
    2. Columns where the compression piston moves downwards are also available (DAD: Dynamic Axial Compression Downwards).
    3. Finally, a column with a rotatable rack is available (DAR: Dynamic Axial Compression Rotatable).

    YMC DAC Columns are designed to meet specific user requirements and applications. Customised sizes and specifications are available upon request.


    DAU-Type I↑I :

    The chromatographic column is mounted on top of the hydraulic jack; the column bed is compressed upwards. This assembly allows convenient packing either automatically via the slurry inlet near the bottom of the column or manually by dismantling the column top.


    DAD-Type I↓I :

    The hydraulic jack is mounted on top of the chromatographic column and pressurises the column bed downwards. The DAD-Column can be packed automatically via the slurry inlet near the top of the column and can be easily unpacked by pushing the column bed after removal of the lower column end-fitting.


    DAR-Type ⊂I I⊃ :

    This type of dynamic axial columns is mounted on a rotatable rack. Rotating the column simplifies the unpacking and maintenance of the column whilst allowing for upwards flow through the media to reduce the interference of gas bubbles. This format therefore combines the high performance of DAC columns with simplified handling at highest level.



    The specifications given here represent standard column sizes.

    Product number

    DAU-50-700S /


    DAU-100-700S /


    DAU-150-700S /


    DAU-200-700 /


    DAU-300-700 /


    DAU-450-700 /


    DAU-600-700 /


    Inner diameter 50 mm 103 mm 151 mm 200 mm 300 mm 450 mm 600 mm
    Length 700 / 1000 mm
    Packed bed length 100 – 400 mm /100 - 600 mm
    Maximum pressure 10 MPa 10 MPa 10 MPa 10 MPa 10 MPa 7 MPa 7 MPa
    Temperature 10 – 40 °C

    Information in this data sheet is subject to change without notice.


    Materials of main components: 316 L Stainless Steel, PTFE, PFA, Swagelok® joints. Optional accessories (e.g. slurry container and cooling / heating jacket) are available on request

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