Titan Syringe Pump

Titan Syringe Pump

Titan Syringe Pump


    The Titan Syringe Pump is a high-performance pump for safe and reliable continuous flow scale-up with maximum chemical compatibility and ultra-smooth flow.

    The single channel pump is optimized for chemical continuous processing applications and offers flow rates from 1 to 250 mL/min and pressures up to 20 bar. It allows manual control via its touch screen and full automation with PC Software.

    The Titan Syringe Pump contains a backwash to prolong seal life and maintain clean syringe pistons and cylinders. Along with the backwash feature, the syringe cassettes may be immersed under a gas blanket to allow the use of air-sensitive reagents. Titan Syringe Pump logs data for export and offers the ability to interface to other equipment.



    • High performance: ultra-smooth flow, effortless operation at high pressures, precise control of flow rates
    • Extremely high chemical resistance: glass, PTFE, Elgiloy and Hastelloy wetted parts (316 SS options available for lower compatibility applications)
    • Flow rates: from 1 to 250 mL/min
    • Wide range of pressures: up to 20 bar
    • Easy to control and use: control and display of real-time measurements via its intuitive Titan Remote Display touch screen or PC software
    • Reliable and robust: designed for long term use in demanding manufacturing environments
    • Easy to service: innovative design features enable easy service
    • Scalable production rates: lab scale to production scale
    • Built-in safety: seal backwash, gas blanketing, interlocks, anti-tamper, pressure detection, and auto shut down features
    Titan Pump

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