Syrris Africa LogP/LogD

Syrris Africa LogP/LogD

Syrris Africa LogP/LogD

    Syrris Africa LogP/LogD Determination

    The Syrris Africa LogP/LogD (log) System enables entirely automated partitioning and separation of samples for logP and logD studies with optional analysis. At the heart of the system lies the FLLEX (Flow Liquid Liquid EXtraction) Module which flows two immiscible liquids together with rapid partitioning and separation at a microfluidic scale.

    The correlation between the Africa LogP/LogD System and the traditional shake flask method is excellent. Click here to see the J. Med. Chem paper written by Pfizer Inc.

    The LogP/logD system can be used to either gather samples for logP/D measurement offline or can include the Africa HPLC system for direct analysis of concentrations in samples separated by the FLLEX.

    2 Syringe Pumps: Flow rate 2.5µl to 2.5ml/min with pressure sensors and automatic over-pressure shutdown
    4 Pressurized Input Bottles: Regulated 1 bar Nitrogen or Argon is supplied to up to 4 bottles, eliminating cavitation and bubble formation and allowing the use of air sensitive reagents (requires laboratory gas supply).
    Automatic Reagent Injection: The RIM allows reagents stored on the robot deck to be automatically aspirated and loaded into one of 4 injection loops. The robot has a coaxial needle allowing the use of air sensitive reagents in vials. All timings are automatically managed, even for complex, multi-reactor systems. Samples are pre-pressurized before injection into the flowing stream.
    Chemical Resistance: All wetted parts are glass, PTFE or other similar fluoropolymer.
    2 Temperature Controlled Microreactor Positions:

    The Africa Heater/Cooler has two reaction positions, each of which can be factory set to either:

    0°C – 150°C
    40°C – 250°C
    Flow Liquid-Liquid Extraction: Flow extraction and separation of an extremely wide range of immiscible solvent pairs e.g. DCM:Aq, Ethyl Acetate:Aq, THF:Aq, Ether:Aq etc. (where Aq is aqueous).
    Reaction Sampling: The Sampler and dilutor takes a 5ul sample from the flowing stream, dilutes it by up to 250 fold and injects it onto an analytical system e.g. HPLC, LCMS, UPLC etc.
    HPLC Analysis: The Africa HPLC allows integrated synthesis conditions an HPLC traces.
    Automated Product Collection: Each different reaction is automatically collected in a different vial. The vial (or vessel) size is set by the user. Reactions larger than the vial size are automatically collected across multiple vials or preparative quantities can be collected in large one vessel.


    System Details
    Africa Heater/Cooler (2 position)
    Africa 50/100ul Syringe Kit
    Africa 250/500ul Syringe Kit
    Africa 500/1000ul Syringe Kit
    Africa Reagent Pump
    62.5ul Microreactor Chip 2 Input
    62.5ul Microreactor Chip 3 Input
    250ul Microreactor Chip 2 Input
    250ul Microreactor Chip 3 Input
    1000ul Microreactor Chip 2 Input
    1000ul Microreactor Chip 3 Input
    Chip Header
    Africa Reagent Store (4 position Manual injection)
    Pressure Sensor Assembly for Africa Reagent Pump
    Chip Header Blanking Plug
    4ml Tube Reactor PTFE
    16ml Tube Reactor PTFE
    4ml Tube Reactor PFA
    16ml Tube Reactor PFA
    Africa FLLEX
    Micromixer Chip
    Africa Pressurisation module
    Africa Synthesis Consumables Pack
    Africa Control Software Including PC


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