Synthesis and FLLEX Collect

Synthesis and FLLEX Collect

Synthesis and FLLEX Collect

    Synthesis and FLLEX (SF) System

    The Synthesis, FLLEX and Collection (SFC) System enables pressurised flow reactions with 4 independently controlled substrate/reagent inputs, two independently temperature controlled reaction locations, aqueous work-up and automated product collection.

    The Synthesis, FLLEX and Collection (SFC) System is ideal for use in the following applications:

    • Medicinal chemistry
      • Log D determination (controlled chemistry)
    • Process chemistry
      • Log P determination (controlled chemistry)

    Africa benefits:

    • Walk away synthesis: Fully automated hardware is controlled by the Africa software to enable unattended runs. Reagents are injected and products are collected automatically.
    • Faster reactions: Increase reaction rates over 100 fold by superheating reactions significantly above reflux e.g. dichloromethane to 100°C, acetonitrile to 150°C and water to 170°C.
    • Cleaner reactions: Reduced impurities via excellent, reproducible reaction control and optional use of solid phase reagents/catalysts/scavengers.
    • Inline aqueous work-up: The Flow Liquid Liquid Extraction Module (FLLEX) enables two immiscible phases to be mixed and separated in flow, immediately following the reaction.
    • Online analysis: A sample of reaction mixture can be taken, diluted and analyzed by HPLC in an entirely automated fashion.
    • Scale-up: Production rates up to kg overnight.
    • Automated LogP / LogD analysis: Excellent correlation with shake flask method.
    • Rapid development: Reaction time, temperature and equivalents can be rapidly varied using mg of substrate.
    • Reactions not possible with batch synthesis: Extremely quick reaction times, reagent additions, temperature changes and quenches are possible.
    • Automated blockage protection: Pressure sensors continually monitor every flow channel.
    • Wide temperature range: Heat reactions up to 250°C or cool down to 0°C.
    • Chemically resistant: Glass and PTFE/ fluoropolymer wetted part
    4 Syringe Pumps: Flow rate 2.5µl to 2.5ml/min with pressure sensors and automatic over-pressure shutdown
    4 Pressurized Input Bottles: Regulated 1 bar Nitrogen or Argon is supplied to up to 4 bottles, eliminating cavitation and bubble formation and allowing the use of air sensitive reagents (requires laboratory gas supply).
    4 Manual Injection Loops and Valves: 1ml, 5ml or 10ml loops
    Chemical Resistance: All wetted parts are glass, PTFE or other similar fluoropolymer.
    2 Temperature Controlled Microreactor Positions: The Africa Heater/Cooler has two reaction positions, each of which can be factory set to either:
    0°C – 150°C
    40°C – 250°C
    Flow Liquid-Liquid Extraction: Flow extraction and separation of an extremely wide range of immiscible solvent pairs e.g. DCM:Aq, Ethyl Acetate:Aq, THF:Aq, Ether:Aq etc. (where Aq is aqueous).
    Automation: The Africa software allows an almost unlimited number of reactor configurations and automates the entire process. Only “chemist friendly” data such as volumes, times and temperatures need to be added – no need to deal with flow rates if you don’t want to. The timings of all events such as pumps starting, injections, collections etc. are all automatically calculated and performed automatically.


    System Details
    Africa Heater/Cooler (2 position)
    Africa 50/100ul Syringe Kit
    Africa 250/500ul Syringe Kit
    Africa 500/1000ul Syringe Kit
    Africa Reagent Pump
    62.5ul Microreactor Chip 2 Input
    62.5ul Microreactor Chip 3 Input
    250ul Microreactor Chip 2 Input
    250ul Microreactor Chip 3 Input
    1000ul Microreactor Chip 2 Input
    1000ul Microreactor Chip 3 Input
    Chip Header
    Africa Reagent Store (4 position Manual injection)
    Pressure Sensor Assembly for Africa Reagent Pump
    Africa Reagent Pump Valve Head
    Chip Header Blanking Plug
    Africa Solvent Store
    Africa Heater/Cooler High Temp Sub Module
    4ml Tube Reactor PTFE
    16ml Tube Reactor PTFE
    4ml Tube Reactor PFA
    16ml Tube Reactor PFA
    Africa FLLEX
    Africa Pressurisation module
    Africa Control Software Including PC


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    Africa Brochure Brochure PDF E Download
    Syrris Flow Chemistry Publications May 2013 Brochure PDF E Download


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