Pressure Reactors

Pressure Reactors

The regular Globe system is suited to atmospheric pressure or vacuum processes (to 50mbar). For pressure reactions, Syrris offer the Globe 3 bar system. This includes a high pressure lid, vessel, clamp and safety manifold. For gas control, choose the Gas Selection Module or Pressure Control Module.

Globe 3 bar system

Ideal for high pressure reactions such as hydrogenations and carbonylations or when using dissolved gasses such as ammonia or HCl.

Pressure Control Module

This module automatically controls the dosing of gas into and out of the reactor to control the pressure within the reactor.

Gas Selection Module

The Gas Selection Module allows 3 gases to be permanently connected to the module yet only one gas connected to the reactor at any one time.

Lid and safety manifold

The 3 bar jacketed vessel lid has 7 ports. The safety manifold includes a pressure relief valve and burst disc.

3 bar clamp

The clamp for the 3 Bar Globe system is designed to accept any of the Syrris jacketed reactors and the jacketed vessel lid that are rated to 3 bar (and 200ºC).

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