Orb Pilot

Orb Pilot

Orb Pilot is a floor standing jacketed reactor system for scaling up of batch processes.

Orb Pilot

    Orb Pilot is a floor standing jacketed reactor system for scaling up of batch processes. It is most flexible and versatile reactor system at this scale with many user friendly features built-in. 

    The system can be easily configured to match your exact requirements, and offers a wide variety of accessories and stirring options.

    Orb Pilot is incredibly robust and durable, designed for years of continuous service.


    Orb Pilot Benefits

    • Quick vessel changes: Easy motor lift and unique neck clamp and support. Rapid oil drain mechanism and pre-defined clamp positions.
    • Wide range of vessels: 10L, 20L, 30L & 50L single jacketed vessels and 10L, 20L & 30L vacuum jacketed vessels.
    • Self adjusting frame: The spring loaded base allows for vessel tolerances and thermal expansions. No need for frame adjustment.
    • Wide temperature range: -40°C to +235°C.
    • Rapid change of baffles: Enables high performance stirring across a wide range of viscosities.
    • Detachable bottom outlet valve: For easy cleaing and maintenance.
    • Accessory Tower: Couples directly to Orb Pilot frame and accepts distillation collection vessel, liquid feed vessel, pump or equipment shelf.
    • Robust and reliable: Quality engineering and rugged construction ensures years of service even in the most demanding environments.



    • Flange size: DN235 / DN300
    • Jacket connection: M30 x 1.5
    • Bottom outlet: 40mm diameter
    • Temperature range: -40°C to +235°C.
    • Overhead stirring: Up to 500rpm / Up to 400N/cm continuous*
    • Lid ports: 2x DN60, 2x GL45, 2x B19, 1x B34**


    *dependent on stirrer motor specification
    **custom configuration available on request

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