KeyChem-Integral is a versatile microreactor system suitable to carry out reactions with liquid, solid and gas. Offering a broad range of optional modules the KeyChem-Integral allows the chemist to tailor the system to his needs.

    Mixing Block Unit

    • Temperature control and rapid mixing of liquid-liquid reactions in microreactors.
    • Available with three different kinds of mixers for KeyChem and several residence-time units.
    • Controllable by manual and PC

    Coil Reactor Unit

    • Usable for liquid-liquid and gas-liquid reactions
    • Pre-heating for reactions of liquid-liquid, gas-liquid, gas-solid-liquid
    • Ideal as residence time unit
    • Controllable by manual and PC

    Column Reactor Unit

    • deal to perform gas-solid-liquid reactions
    • Column reactors available in Glass or Stainless steel
    • Manual control of back pressure
    • Controllable by manual and PC

    MS Flow Unit

    • Mass Flow controller for any reaction involving gas
    • Flow volume control in cm³/min
    • Controllable by manual or PC

    Pump Unit

    • Supplies solvent or reactant for any reactions involving liquids
    • Compact design
    • Highly pressure resistant
    • Broad flow rate range
    • Controllable by manual or PC
    Mixing Block unit
    Low temperature type: 5 – 80 °C
    High temperature type: r.t. + 10 °C - 200 °C


    Coil Reactor Unit
    Low temperature type:  5 – 80 °C
    High temperature type:   r.t. + 10 °C - 200 °C


    Column Reactor Unit
    Temperature range: 5 – 80 °C
    Pressure range: 1 MPa
    Column sizes: from ID 4,6 mm x 30 mm
    to ID 10 mm x 150 mm


    MS Flow Unit
    Pressure range: 0,98 MPa / 10 MPa
    Flow rate range: 1 to 100 cm³/min


    Pump Unit
    Flow rate range: 0,001 to 1,000 ml/min
    0,01 to 10,00 ml/min
    0,1 to 50,0 ml/min
    Pressure range:  
    Stainless Steel: 25 MPa
    Peek: 20 MPa


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