High Pressure Systems

High Pressure Systems

High Pressure Systems

    For automated high pressure reactor requirements outside of the range of Atlas Pressure Systems (3bar glass reactors, -80°C to +200°C up to 3 litres or 200bar Stainless or Hastelloy reactors, -80°C to +300°C up to 450ml), Syrris offers High Pressure Custom Reactor Systems.


    High Pressure Systems


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    The requirements of the system can be defined in detail by the customer. Every system is assembled and tested at our factory before installation at the customer's facility by one of our engineers or chemists. Our systems offer unrivalled ease of use and sophisticated automation.

    The High Pressure Customer Reactor Systems generally fall into one of two categories:

    Glass High Systems

    Vessel Volume: 100ml to 1.6 litres
    Temperature Range: -40°C to +200°C
    Automation / Logging: Via Reactor Master PC software and/or Syrris Reactor Master series
    Temperature Measurement: Reactor contents, jacket inlet temperature etc.
    Pressure Range: Vacuum to +12.0 barg


    Metal High Pressure Systems

    Vessel Volume: 100ml to 10 litre
    Temperature Range: -40°C to +350°C
    Automation / Logging: Device management and automation using Reactor Master Reactor Master PC Software or a combination of both
    Pressure Range: Vacuum to 60 bar
    Materials: Stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium


    Features common to both

    Heating / Cooling: Jacket utilizing re-circulator
    Lid Design: Wide range of port options to suit your application
    Agitation: Overhead stirring: 50 to 2000 RPM (optional torque measurement)
    Agitator Types: Anchor, retreat curve, 4 blade impellor, etc. in glass, PTFE, stainless steel, etc.
    Temperature Measurement: Reactor contents, jacket inlet temperature etc.
    Liquid Feed: Volumetric dosing, gravimetric dosing
    Gas Feed: Pressure control, gas dosing, gas uptake monitoring, etc.
    Other: Condensers, distillation assemblies, re-circulation, IR, pH measurement and control, turbidity, conductivity, calorimetry, etc.


    The following modes of operation are possible for both pressure reactor systems:

    Automatically Maintain a Pressure: By using the Atlas Pressure Control Module a consistent pressure to the reaction is maintained over the reaction period.
    Pressure Control with Mass Flow Monitoring: Maintain a pressure and monitor mass flow. Ideal for gas uptake monitoring.
    Mass Flow Control: Dose a known quantity of gas using the mass flow controller.
    Off Gas Monitoring: Monitor off-gases with mass flow meters.
    Manual or Automated Gas Selection: All of the above modes of operation are compatible with the Atlas Gas Selection Module.


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