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    By using the YMC-DispoPackAT cartridges with 25 μm spherical silica you are able obtain higher resolution in less than half of the time.Compared to iregular material the smaller spherical particles allow a doubling of the flow rate compared with standard silica (irregular, 40–63 μm). So, you get improved resolution in less time.

    YMC-DispoPackAT is available in sizes ranging from 12 g to 800 g and in different functional groups.

    Main advantages

    • Compatible with all common Flash Systems (e.g. ISCO, Interchim, Agilent, Grace, Büchi…)
    • Fast and easy installation using Luer/Luer-Lock-connectors
    • Using 25 μm material: 50% time saving through high resolution at high flow-conditions
    • High reproducibility

    Which cartridge size do you need? Subtraction of the reciprocal retention factors yields the CV-value. You can find the required cartridge size from the diagram using the CV-value and the sample size you wish to purify.

    RF: Retention Factor
    CV: Column Volume
    CV = 1/RF
    ΔCV = 1/RF1- 1/RF2

    Cartridge Hardware
    • 12 g - 300 g: Luer / Luer-lock connectors are compatible with virtually all flash systems (e.g. ISCO, Interchim, Agilent, Grace, Büchi…)
    • 800 g: UNF ¼" 28G connectors, Luer adapters available are Standard connector for semi-prep and prep chromatography
    Irregular Phases
    Shape Irregular
    Base Silica
    Particle Size 40-63 µm
    Pore Size SIL 6 nm; NH2 / Diol / ODS 15 nm
    Column Connection Luer / Luer Lock
    Pressure Tolerance 14 bar; 300 g / 800 g 12.4 bar
    Available Chemistries SIL, NH2, Diol, ODS
    Available Sizes 12 g, 40 g, 120 g, 300 g, 800 g


    YMC-DispoPackAT with traditionally, irregular shaped silica, with particles sizes of 40-63 μm, is successfully used for sample clean-up and fast workup after chemical synthesis. Also, this type of silica represents cost-effective media, yet with ever improved reproducibility, for standard applications.

    Spherical Phases
    Shape Spherical
    Base Silica
    Particle Size 25 µm
    Pore Size 8 nm
    Column Connection Luer / Luer Lock
    Pressure Tolerance 14 bar; 300 g / 800 g 12.4 bar
    Available Chemistries SIL, NH2, Diol, ODS
    Available Sizes 12 g, 40 g, 120 g, 300 g, 800 g

    Applying YMC-DispoPackAT with spherical silica will greatly enhance resolution - in less time, for more challenging demands. Spherical silica generates substantially less back pressure so that increased flow rates can be applied.

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    Product Description Price (EUR)
    DPA12ABK08S2524 YMC-DispoPackAT ODS-25 -
    DPA12ABK15I5224 YMC-DispoPackAT ODS -
    DPA12DLK08S2524 YMC-DispoPackAT Diol-25 -
    DPA12DLK15I5224 YMC-DispoPackAT Diol -
    DPA12NHK08S2524 YMC-DispoPackAT NH2-25 -
    DPA12NHK15I5224 YMC-DispoPackAT NH2 -
    DPA12SLK06I5224 YMC-DispoPackAT SIL -
    DPA12SLK08S2524 YMC-DispoPackAT SIL-25 -
    DPA40ABK08S2512 YMC-DispoPackAT ODS-25 -
    DPA40ABK15I5212 YMC-DispoPackAT ODS -
    DPA40DLK08S2512 YMC-DispoPackAT Diol-25 -
    DPA40DLK15I5212 YMC-DispoPackAT Diol -
    DPA40NHK08S2512 YMC-DispoPackAT NH2-25 -
    DPA40NHK15I5212 YMC-DispoPackAT NH2 -
    DPA40SLK06I5212 YMC-DispoPackAT SIL -
    DPA40SLK08S2512 YMC-DispoPackAT SIL-25 -
    DPAA2ABK08S2506 YMC-DispoPackAT ODS-25 -
    DPAA2ABK15I5206 YMC-DispoPackAT ODS -
    DPAA2DLK08S2506 YMC-DispoPackAT Diol-25 -
    DPAA2DLK15I5206 YMC-DispoPackAT Diol -
    DPAA2NHK08S2506 YMC-DispoPackAT NH2-25 -
    DPAA2NHK15I5206 YMC-DispoPackAT NH2 -
    DPAA2SLK06I5206 YMC-DispoPackAT SIL -
    DPAA2SLK08S2506 YMC-DispoPackAT SIL-25 -
    DPAC0ABK08S2501 YMC-DispoPackAT ODS-25 -
    DPAC0ABK15I5201 YMC-DispoPackAT ODS -
    DPAC0DLK08S2501 YMC-DispoPackAT Diol-25 -
    DPAC0DLK15I5201 YMC-DispoPackAT Diol -
    DPAC0NHK08S2501 YMC-DispoPackAT NH2-25 -
    DPAC0NHK15I5201 YMC-DispoPackAT NH2 -
    DPAC0SLK06I5201 YMC-DispoPackAT SIL -
    DPAC0SLK08S2501 YMC-DispoPackAT SIL-25 -
    DPAH0ABK08S2501 YMC-DispoPackAT ODS-25 -
    DPAH0ABK15I5201 YMC-DispoPackAT ODS -
    DPAH0DLK08S2501 YMC-DispoPackAT Diol-25 -
    DPAH0DLK15I5201 YMC-DispoPackAT Diol -
    DPAH0NHK08S2501 YMC-DispoPackAT NH2-25 -
    DPAH0NHK15I5201 YMC-DispoPackAT NH2 -
    DPAH0SLK06I5201 YMC-DispoPackAT SIL -
    DPAH0SLK08S2501 YMC-DispoPackAT SIL-25 -

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