Dry Baths

Dry Baths

Dry Baths

    Dry Baths

    The Atlas Stacking Dry Bath is a new way of heating round bottom flasks without the issues associated with oil baths. The Stacking Dry Bath has a series of concentric inserts to hold round bottom flasks from 50ml to 1 litre.

    The inserts provide excellent thermal transfer to optimise heating times. The exterior of the Dry Bath is safe to touch even when the Dry Bath is hot. The Triple Dry bath takes up to 3 flasks from 50ml to 250ml.


    Safe: Chemist is protected from the heat by safety shield. In an emergency the dry bath can be picked up and moved.
    Lighter weight: The sleek design reduces the mass of the block to be heated, improving heat-up times.
    Wide temperature range: Can safely operate with plate temperatures up to 280°C and down to -80°C.
    Fits all leading brand of hotplate: Syrris Atlas, IKA etc (fits hotplate diameter of 13.5 cm, 5 5/16”).
    Rapid cooling: Safety shield sets up a natural convection airflow allowing the reaction to be cooled quickly for rapid work-up and purification.
    Nested design: One Atlas Dry Bath can be used for: 50, 100. 250, 500 and 1000 ml round bottom flasks.
    Robust: Specifically designed for use in chemical laboratories.
    Rapid heating: Deep cups maximise heated surface area to improve heat-up time and minimise the difference between the block and solution temperature.
    Novel: Unique design prevents cracking of glassware as found with other designs.
    Accurate temperature measurement: A thermowell in every cup allows the temperature probe to be in intimate contact with the reactor
    Single reactions supported: Single Dry Bath can be used for 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 ml vessels.
    Triple reactions supported: Triple Dry Bath can be used for 50, 100 and 250 ml round bottom flasks.


    The Dry Bath Base

    The Dry Bath Base is used to heat or cool 1 litre round bottom flasks and also accepts all the dry bath inserts for round bottom flasks and vials. The exterior of the Dry Bath is insulated for safety and the unique design creates a natural convection current to enable rapid cooling after switching off the hotplate. The Dry Bath Base fits on the Atlas Hotplate, Hot and Cold Plate and most third party stirrer hotplates (with 135mm diameter). The Atlas Dry Bath is also available for 150 mm diameter magnetic stirrer and hot plates.

    Note that to use a flask insert, all the larger flask inserts must also be present.



    Maximum Temperature: +280°C hotplate temperature
    Base Diameter: To fit 135mm hotplate stirrers (150mm version also available).
    Flask Compatibility: To fit 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre flasks (2 litre option available). Standard version fits regular flasks in virtually every country of the world (covers USA, Europe, most of Asia, Latin America, etc. i.e. ISO and ASTM standards). Japanese version fits Japanese flasks (JIS standard).


    System Details
    Stacking Dry Bath
    Triple Dry Bath
    RTD Probe - Stainless Steel 100mm x 3mm for Dry Baths
    Small Vial Bath Insert 12 x 17mm dia
    Medium Vial Bath Insert 8 x 20mm dia
    Large Vial Bath Insert 6 x 28mm dia
    Vial Bath Insert - Custom
    Dry Bath Base
    Dry Bath Insert 50ml
    Dry Bath Insert 100ml
    Dry Bath Insert 250ml
    Dry Bath Insert 500ml
    Small Vial Bath 12 x 17mm dia
    Medium Vial Bath 8 x 20mm dia
    Large Vial Bath 6 x 28mm dia
    Custom Vial Bath
    Drybath for 100ml High Pressure Vessel
    Drybath for 160ml High Pressure Vessel
    Drybath for 300ml High Pressure Vessel
    Drybath for 450ml High Pressure Vessel
    Japanese Stacking Dry Bath
    Japanese Dry Bath Insert 50ml
    Japanese Dry Bath Insert 100ml
    Japanese Dry Bath Insert 250ml
    Japanese Dry Bath Insert 500ml
    Japanese Dry Bath Base
    Dry Bath Base to fit 150mm Hotplate
    Stacking Dry Bath (to fit 150mm Hotplates)
    Japanese Stacking Dry Bath to fit 150mm Hotplate
    Japanese Dry Bath Base to fit 150mm Hotplate
    2 litre Dry Bath


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    Syrris Batch Chemistry Reactors Catalogue PDF E Link to file
    Atlas Vial Bath Flyer PDF E Link to file
    Dry Bath Flyer PDF E Link to file
    Atlas Round Bottom Flasks, Reaction Tubes and Vials video Video MOV E View
    Atlas Overview Video MOV E View


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