Continuous Flow Reactors

Continuous Flow Reactors

Continuous Flow Reactors

    Syrris offers a range of custom Continuous Flow Systems in materials such as glass, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy or Titanium. Application examples include heterogeneous gas-solid or liquid-solid reactions e.g. in the petrochemical industry and gas phase reactions e.g. for bulk or fine chemical synthesis.

    Continuous Flow Reactors

    The requirements of the system can be defined in detail by the customer. Every system is assembled and tested at our factory before installation at your facility by one of our engineers or chemists. Our systems offer unrivalled ease of use and sophisticated automation using the Reactor Master Software.


    Example Specifications for Glass or Metal High Continuous Flow Systems

    Working Volume: various internal diameters to suit your scale
    Typical material: Borosilicate glass, PTFE coated materials, ceramics stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium – many different grades.
    Temperature Range: -40°C to +600°C
    Automation / Data Logging: Via Reactor Master PC software and/or Syrris Reactor Master.
    Temperature Measurement: Reactor contents, multi zone ovens, adjustable positional temperature control and logging. Over temperature protection.
    Pressure Range: Vacuum to +5 barg (glass) or vacuum to +200 barg (metal).
    Heating / Cooling: oil or electrical controlled jackets.
    Agitation: many types of contents agitation available.
    Liquid Feed: Precision volumetric and gravimetric liquid dosing fully automated.
    Pressure/Flow Control: All of our systems allow for the option of valves, regulators, pressure sensors, mass flow meters, mass flow controllers etc. to be automated.
    Gas Feed: Automated multiple gas feed selection.
    3rd Party Hardware: Full integration of your existing hardware and probes.


    The following modes of operation are possible for both pressure reactor systems:

    Gas Selection Module:  Each module allows 3 gases to be connected to your system. Multiple units can be integrated to fully automate a multiple gas feed system. There are three modes of control - Fully automated via connection to atlas Reactor Master software this will enable fully automated gas dosing to recipes. Simple stand alone non-automated mode, user selects which gas to dose and operates the module directly and finally as previous but with connection to the Reactor Master Unit to enable full logging of selected valves.
    Pressure Control Module: Automatically controls the reactor pressure to a set value and vents in case of over-pressure. Can be set directly from the front panel ,automated from the front panel or controlled by the Reactor Master PC software. It will also enable full data logging if connected to a Reactor Master in stand-alone mode. The four available actions are:
      Automatically controls and maintains the reactor pressure to a set value. Vents in case of over-pressure.
      The purge option automates allows continuous flow of gas through the reactor at a predetermined rate.
      Vent option will vent the reactor pressure allowing for safe removal of the reactor.
      Shuts both the inlet and outlet valves to seal and maintain pressure while continually logging pressure.


    For more information, watch the custom reactor systems video.

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