Automated Lab Reactor

Automated Lab Reactor

The Globe jacketed reactor system can be upgraded to perform automated experiments, even without a PC. Choose the Globe Reactor Master for full automation and data logging or the Syringe Pump for automated reagent dosing.

Automated Lab Reactor

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    Atlas Syringe Pump

    Add the Syringe Pump:

    The Atlas Syringe Pump is a versatile volumetric dosing and/or sampling system. It allows 2 independent refilling flows, one continuous flow, reaction sampling, intelligent control of pH and temperature dependant dosing. It consists of two syringes and multi port valves and be controlled from the front panel, by a Globe Reactor Master, or the Globe Reactor Master PC software.


    Flexible: Use as 2 refilling pump channels or 1 continuous pump channel or an autosampler.
    Easy to use on its own: Twist and click control knob and large display.
    Automated reagent addition: Dispense simply by volume or flow rate over a time period or create advanced flow profiles.
    Versatile: 10 reagents to one reactor, 1 reagent to 10 reactors, 5 reagents to 2 reactors, one continuous flow, etc.
    Wide flow rate range: 0.5 ml/min to 10ml/min (up to 100ml/min with the Atlas Syringe Pump XL)


    Globe Reactor Master

    Add the Globe Reactor Master:

    The Reactor Master automates Globe’s temperature, stirring speed, quantity and timing of liquid additions. It can perform experiments of up to 99 steps whilst logging all data. All of this is controlled by the twist and click knob. Data can be viewed in real time and downloaded to a USB memory stick as a .csv file.


    Easy to set up: Plug in any thermocouple or RTD, an RS232 controlled thermoregulator and RS232 controlled stirrer.
    Easy to use: The twist and click knob allows set points, ramps or profiles for temperature, stirring speed and reagent dosed.
    Automatic data logging: All responses such as temperatures, stirrer speed, pH, turbidity, volume dosed etc. are displayed in real time and are continually saved to one .csv file.
    Easy data download: One file of all reaction data is downloaded in seconds to a USB stick for off line analysis.
    Easy data analysis upgrade: The Reporting PC software allows graphs to be generated from the .csv data file at the click of a button


    Globe Master PC Software

    The Globe Master PC Software converts Globe into a totally controlled laboratory reactor.

    Add the Globe Reactor Master PC software:
    Reactor Master Software is an easy to use PC based application for control and analysis of Globe experiments. Whole systems including stirrers, circulators, RTDs, pumps, balances etc. can be configured using virtually any manufacturer’s apparatus. The “drag and drop” interface means recipes can be created, changed and saved with a click of a mouse

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