Atmospheric Systems

Atmospheric Systems

For requirements outside of the range of Atlas Systems (50ml to 5 litres) Syrris offers Custom Reactor Systems.  These systems are fully customizable, i.e. they can be defined in detail by the customer.

Atmospheric Systems

Each system is fully assembled and tested at our factory before installation at your facility by one of our engineers or chemists.


  • Vessel Volume: 5 litres to 250 litres
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to 200°C
  • Automation / Logging: Device management and automation using Reactor MasterReactor Master PC Software or a combination of both
  • Temperature Measurement: Reactor contents, jacket inlet temperature, etc.
  • Pressure Range: Vacuum to +0.5 bar
  • Heating / Cooling: Jacket utilising re-circulator (optional vacuum jacket)
  • Agitation: Overhead stirring: 50 – 2000 RPM (optional torque measurement)
  • Lid Design: Wide range of port options to suite your application
  • Agitator Types / Materials: Anchor, retreat curve, 4 blade impellor etc. in glass, PTFE, stainless steel etc.
  • Liquid Feed: Volumetric dosing, gravimetric dosing
  • Outlet Valve: Temperature compensated zero dead volume rising stem bottom outlet valve in chemically resistant PTFE
  • Gas Feed: Low pressure purge, gas sparge, gas evolution monitoring ,etc.
  • Other: Condensers, distillation assemblies, re-circulation, IR, pH measurement and control, turbidity, conductivity, calorimetry, etc.


Please contact our product specialists now with your specification requirements for your individual quotation.

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