Atlas System Overview

Atlas System Overview

With the Atlas range of products Syrris offer flexible, versatile and easy to use automated chemical reactors for a broad range of applications.

Atlas System Overview

    Atlas Chemical Reactors Overview

    Atlas is a revolutionary range of modular products, which can form a wide range of chemical reactors. Atlas offers manual or automated control of one or many reactions at a time with volumes from 5 litres to 1ml in jacketed reactors, flasks or vials.

    Atlas applications include synthesis, calorimetry, process optimization, crystallization controlautomated addition or pH controlhigh pressure reactionsparallel chemistry and many more.



    Atlas Potassium

    Atlas Potassium
    Atlas Potassium All of the Atlas Jacketed Reactor Systems are based on the Atlas Potassium System. Automate processes from -90°C to +250°C and from vacuum to 0.25 bar in the regular Atlasuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa.

    Atlas Gravimetric Dosing

    Atlas Gravimetric Dosing: Dose a defined mass by controlling a peristaltic pump and balance with the Atlas PC software.d balance with the Atlas PC software.

    Atlas Volumetric Dosing

    Atlas Volumetric Dosing: Automate volumetric dosing by adding an Atlas Syringe Pump to the Potassium system.

    Atlas Calorimeter

    Atlas Calorimeter: Plot power and enthalpy in real time using heat flow or power compensation calorimetry.

    Atlas pH Control

    Atlas pH Control: Control and log pH by connecting the Atlas pH probe and Atlas Syringe Pump.

    Atlas Turbidity

    Atlas Turbidity: Display and log turbidity by connecting the Atlas Turbidity Probe to the base.

    Atlas Sonolab

    Atlas Sonolab: Use ultrasound energy in crystallizations for narrow particle size distribution and polymorph control.

    Atlas FTIR Analysis

    Atlas FTIR Analysis: Monitor reactions in real time with an integrated mid-IR spectrometer.

    Atlas Potassium Pressure

    Atlas Potassium Pressure: Control reactions up to 3 bar and 200°C with volumes up to 3L in a glass jacketed reactor.

    Atlas Remote Mount

    Atlas Remote Mount: Locate vessels up to 5L away from the Atlas Base.

    Atlas Parallel

    Atlas Parallel: Automate up to 8 systems in parallel from one PC using the Atlas Parallel software.

    Atlas Jacketed Reactor Systems

    Atlas can be configured into a wide range of different systems. All of the  Atlas Jacketed Reactor Systems are based on the Atlas Potassium System.

    Jacketed vessels from 100ml to 5 litres can be controlled in a fully automated fashion. They can be easily changed due to the quick release vessel clamp, auto aligning stirrer, quick connect fluid hoses and semi-automatic circulator fluid drain.

    Without PC control, the intelligent base can control circulator or reaction temperature, overhead stirrer speed and reagent addition from a pump. Data from sensors such as thermocouples, pH sensors, turbidity probes and stirrers are recorded by the base and can be downloaded to a USB stick.

    » See the Range of Jacketed Reactor Systems
    » See the Atlas Reaction Calorimeter


    Vial and Round Bottom Flask Systems

    A variety of dry bath options fit onto the hotplate and magnetic stirrer for single round bottom flasks or parallel flasks or vials. For cooled reactions, the hotplate can be removed and a cold plate fitted. The Stacking Atlas Dry Bath has concentric cups allowing round bottom flasks from 50ml to 1 litre to be heated or cooled. A triple dry bath is available for flasks from 50ml to 250ml and the Atlas Vial Baths can conveniently heat or cool a wide range of reaction vials. The Atlas Orbit can heat 6 or 12 reaction tubes with a reflux in an inert atmosphere. The base can automatically run reaction profiles and add reagents.


    Atlas Potassium
    Orbit: Perform 6 (45ml) or 12 (10ml) reactions in parallel with reflux under an inert gas blanket.

    Atlas Lithium

    Atlas Lithium: Automate temperature control and magnetic stirring in round bottom flasks from 50ml to 2L.

    Atlas Sodium

    Atlas Sodium: Automate temperature control and overhead stirring in round bottom flasks from 50ml to 2L.

    Atlas Sodium Pressure

    Atlas Sodium Pressure: Control reactions up to 200 bar and 320°C with volumes up to 450ml in metal reactors.

    Atlas Benefits

    Easy to use: Twist and click knob, large display and intuitive
    Automated: Walk away synthesis
    Full Data Capture: Data automatically recorded by Atlas Base (downloadable by USB memory stick) or PC software
    Quick: Everything clicks together quickly and easily without the need for tools
    Small footprint: 23cm (9") square easily fits in fume cupboards
    Robust: Specifically designed for use in chemical laboratories
    Safe: Auto shutdown, alarms and safe touch surfaces


    Intuitive Base Unit and Intelligent PC Software


    Scale: 1ml to 5 litres
    Control: Simple control wheel (on Atlas Base) or PC software
    Temperature Range: Jacketed vessels from -90°C to +250°C, hotplate to +350°C or hot and cold plate from -40°C to +160°C
    Stirring: Up to 1200rpm magnetic or 800rpm overhead stirrer (options to 2000rpm)
    Vessels: Jacketed vessels (50ml to 5L) in glass or stainless steel, round bottom flasks (50ml to 2L) or vials
    Sensors: Temperature, pH, pressure, turbidity, FTIR, FBRM, gas flow etc.
    Reaction Calorimetry: Power Compensation or Heat Flow Calorimetry
    Pressure: Jacketed reactors from vacuum to 3 bar or electrically heated systems to 200 bar
    Reagent Addition and Sampling: Automated dosing and sampling of liquids and full gas control
    Configuration: Single vessel or parallel reactions


    Atlas is Scalable in 3 Ways



    By Volume
    1ml up to 5 litres


    By automation level
    Manual to fully automated laboratory reactor


    By number of reactions  Single or parallel reactors


    The unique design of the Atlas lab reactor range means it is fast and easy to change configuration from one to another without the need for tools.

    At the centre of every Atlas system is the Atlas base. It contains a powerful computer with chemically resistant mechanical and electronic connections.

    The base can monitor sensors and control process parameters such as temperatures, pH, turbidity, stirrer speed and reagent addition.Parameters can be defined as single setpoints or as sophisticated profiles. The base automatically logs all set points and sensor data which can then be downloaded in one file.


    For more sophisticated reaction control, with real time graphs, Atlas can be controlled by unique Software. Powerful and easy to use, the Atlas Software can control and monitor other manufacturer’s laboratory apparatus. It can even performcomplete reaction calorimetry with real time reaction power and enthalpy graphs.


      Name Type Format Language Download
    Atlas Software for the control and analysis of experiments Video MOV E View


    Learn about the Atlas Software [see more Atlas videos...]

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