Atlas Sonolab

Atlas Sonolab

Atlas Sonolab

    Atlas Sonolab

    The Atlas Sonolab is a high performance, automated ultrasound system for sonocrystallization, sonomilling and sonochemistry. The proprietary ultrasound technology with novel transducer based design, allows reproducible control of crystallizations, enabling selectivity of parameters such as particle size, shape, crystallinity and polymorphism.


    Selective: Significantly improved polymorph, particle size and particle shape selectivity.
    Narrow particle size distribution: Advanced control of nucleation and growth rate results in very narrow particle size distribution.
    High purity: Sophisticated control results in reduced impurities and trapped solvents.
    Reproducible: Automated control of process parameters and nucleation improves batch to batch consistency.
    Scalable: Optimized crystallizations on a laboratory scale can be scaled to pilot plant processes and manufacturing using the ProsonitronTM range of products from Prosonix Ltd.
    Product quality improvement: Improved formulation consistency, stability and performance of final drug products.
    No seeding required: Removing the need for seed crystals avoids issues with consistency and access to the reactor.
    Easy to use: No tools required, intuitive “drag and drop” Atlas software and real time data graphed during process.
    Excellent temperature control: Sophisticated PID temperature control and accurate sensor feedback results in accurate process performance.
    Advanced automation: With the Atlas PC software, the system can introduce ultrasound at accurate temperature points within and around the metastable zone.
    Integrated turbidity or FBRM analysis: The Atlas Software allows integration of the Syrris Turbidity Probe or FBRM characterization.


    What is Sonocrystallization?

    Sonocrystallization is the application of high intensity, low frequency ultrasound to your process, resulting in acoustic cavitation of the solution. Controlled cavitation allows extremely accurate control of nucleation, a process which is random and very difficult to control by conventional techniques.

    Atlas Sonolab Applications

    The Atlas Sonolab system is based on Syrris’ Atlas Potassium System for jacketed vessels with the addition of the Prosonix proprietary ultrasonic flow cell, generator and pump. The powerful Atlas Software allows full control of all the important parameters required for sonocrystallization, sonomilling and sonochemistry applications:

    • Crystallization
    • Automated metastable zone width studies
    • Optimization of product recovery - crystal size, purity and recovery
    • Complete control of crystallization using pulsed or continuous insonation
    • Scale-up
    • Batch-to-batch repeatability
    • Seamless scale to pilot plant and beyond using ProsonitronTM
    • Polymorphism
    • Impact of different solvents, mixtures, concentrations and temperatures
    • Selective polymorph control without seeding
    • Milling Studies
    • Removal of conventional wet milling steps
    • Reduced fines compared to wet milling


    Working Volume Options: 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 2 litres, 3 litres or 5 litres (vessels are interchangeable). Note that vessels greater than 2 litres also require the Remote Mount.
    Reaction Vessel Profile Options: Round bottom, torispherical or conical. Custom available on request.
    Stirrer Options: Anchor, pitched blade propeller, retreat curve (in glass or PTFE), custom available on request.
    Chemical Resistance: All wetted parts made from glass and PTFE (or other similar fluoropolymers)
    Maximum Temperature: +200 °C (+250 °C with High Temperature Upgrade Kit). The maximum temperature achievable is also circulator dependent.
    Minimum Temperature: -80 °C. The minimum temperature achievable is also circulator dependent.
    Temperature Accuracy: Class A RTDs, displayed to 3 decimal places. PID temperature control of process temperature.
    Pressure: Vacuum (50mbar) to 0.5 bar (see Atlas Pressure Systems for high pressure).
    Overhead Stirring: Scorpion Overhead Stirrer to 800RPM with 11Ncm Torque (High torque options available to 180Ncm peak, 90Ncm continuous with speed of 1000RPM and torque feedback).
    Modes of Operation: Manual (set on Atlas Base), Automated (set on Atlas Base) or full PC Software control.
    Ultrasound Frequency: 20 kHz (+/-10%)
    Ultrasound Power Range: 5-100 W
    Insonated Volume: 110ml
    Specific Power Input: 50 - 900 W per litre
    Scale of Operation: Up to 5 litre in re-circulating mode
    Maximum Operating Temperature: 75°C


    System Details
    Node Extension
    Turbidity Probe - 400mm
    Turbidity Node
    Prosonix Sonolab SL10 Sonocrystallizer (230V)
    Sonocrystallizer Accessories Pack
    FBRM Software Integration Kit and Drivers
    Prosonix Sonolab SL10 Sonocrystallizer (110V)
    Prosonix SonoLab Transformer (for 230V to 110V)
    SonoLab Cell Standard Spares Pack
    SonoLab Cell Superior Seals Pack
    SonoLab Cell Ports and Adapters Pack


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