Atlas Software Overview

Atlas Software Overview

There is a range of Atlas Software products designed for the control of experiments, data collection and data analysis.

Atlas Reactor Software Products

Watch the Atlas Software Video

Watch the Atlas Software Video [see more videos...]


The laboratory software used to control Atlas apparatus (and other manufacturers apparatus) is called Atlas Software 1. In addition to Atlas Software 1 there are 4 more Atlas Software versions allowing data collection and analysis as well as parallel control of multiple reactors. For more information please see the info tab.


A summary of the Atlas reactor software range is below (click on the individual webpages to find out more)

  • Atlas Software 1: For whole system control, configuration and analysis of Atlas hardware and all RS232 controlled devices such as pumps, balances, circulators, etc.
  • Atlas Reporting Software: Allows easy graphical analysis of log files generated by either the Base Unit, Atlas Software 1, or the Atlas Syringe Pump.
  • Atlas Parallel Software: Will control many Atlas systems (up to 4) and allow them to be connected to one PC and be controlled in parallel.
  • Atlas Calorimetry Software Upgrade: Used with Atlas Software 1, the Atlas Calorimetry Software Upgrade enables heat flow calorimetry and power compensation calorimetry to be performed.
  • Atlas COM Port Software: Provides the same functionality as Atlas Software 1, with the exception that it uses RS232 connection directly to the PC rather than via an Atlas Port.

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