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Atlas HD

Atlas HD

    Atlas HD

    Atlas HD is an automated. modul jacketed reactor platform from Syrris.
    The platform offers intuitive control of chemical processes using the touch screen base. Atlas HD enables supreme flexibility with seamless interchangeability of jacketed reators from 50ml to 5L.

    The jacketed reactor platform can be used in many applications: synthesis, calorimetry, process optimization, automated addition or pH control, parallel chemistry and many more.

    Intuitive touch screen: Quick configuartion and automation of the Atlas HD platform and circulators, stirrer, probes and Atlas pumps.
    Automated reactions: Easy setting, monitoring and cotrol of reaction parameters in real time (with PC control).
    Full data capture: Automated process data capture and real-time graphic display of data.
    Full vessel range on a single system Simple vessel height adjustments together with clever clamping solutions allow quick full vessel range from 50ml to 5L to be used on a single system.
    Easy to use: No tools required, large touch screen display, quick vessel changes.
    PC software control: For ultimate third party device integration and autmation of processes.
    Robust: Specifically desigened for use in chemical laboratories.
    Safe: Auto shutdown, alarms and safe touch surfaces.

    Atlas HD System

    The unique design of the Atlas HD lab reactor range means it is fast and easy to change configuration from one to another without the need for tools.

    At the centre of every Atlas HD system is the intuitive Atlas HD base with a touch screen. It contains a powerful computer with chemically resistant mechanical and electronic connections.

    The base can monitor sensors and control process parameters such as temperatures, pH, turbidity, stirrer speed and reagent addition.

    Parameters can be defined as single setpoints or as sophisticated profiles. The base automatically logs all set points and sensor data which can then be downloaded in one file.

    For more sophisticated reaction control, with real time graphs, Atlas HD can be controlled by unique Software. Powerful and easy to use, the Atlas Hd Software can control and monitor other manufacturer's laboratory apparatus. It can even perform complete reaction calorimetry with real time reaction power and enthalpy graphs.

    An Atlas HD System can be upgraded with:

    Volumetric Dosing: Add the Atlas Syringe Pump for versatile volumetric dosing that consists of two syringes (pictured below) e.g. dose many reactors at a time or have temperature dependant dosing.
    Gravimetric Dosing: Allows a defined mass of reagent to be pumped from a balance to the reactor by a controlled peristaltic pump.
    Calorimetry: Use Heat Flow Calorimetry (HFC) or Power Compensation Calorimetry (PCC) to generate power and enthalpy graphs with the click of a button.
    Software: Adding PC Software allows complex recipe control, real time data plotting and control of third party hardware.
    pH Control: This can be configured to control the pH of a reaction by adding either acid and/or base as necessary to maintain a set pH value.
    Turbidity Sensing: Use the Atlas Turbidity system for processes that involve crystallization steps.



    Jacketed Vessel sizes: 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L (DN80), 1L, 2L and 5L (DN150).
    Other vessels: round bottom vessels and vial systems available with regular Atlas base
    Vessel profiles: A raneg of profiles with or without vacuum jacket.
    Stirrer options: Anchor, pitched blade propeller, retreat curve (in glass or PTFE), custom available on request.
    Temperature range: -90°C to +250°C (with suitable seal kit).
    Overhead stirring: Scorpion Overhead Stirrer up to 800rpm with 11Ncm torque. High torque, high speed and torque feedback options available.
    Modes of operation: Atlas HD touch screen or PC software.
    Configuration: Single vessel or parallel reactions.
    Sensors: Temperature, pH, pressure, turbidity, etc.
    Reaction Calorimetry: Power Compensation or Heat Flow Calorimetry.
    Reagent Addition and Sampling: Automated dosing and sampling of liquids and full gas control.


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