Asia Sampler and Dilutor

Asia Sampler and Dilutor

Asia Sampler and Dilutor

    The Asia Sampler and Dilutor enables on-line reaction analysis by offering automated sample extraction, dilution and transfer to virtually any LCMS, GCMS, UPLC, etc.

    Without stopping the experiment, the Sampler and Dilutor automatically takes a 5µl sample (or multiple samples) from the flowing stream of each experiment, dilutes it (by a factor from 5 to 250) and automatically injects it into the analytical apparatus.

    The Asia Sampler and Dilutor sends a 'start' signal to the chromatography device to start the run. It can also accept a 'busy' state signal from the device to avoid injecting a sample before it is ready.


    Dilution factor: 5 - 250
    Reaction operating pressure 0 - 20 bar
    High pressure (chromatography) operating pressure: Glass, PTFE and PCTFE
    Wetted materials post dilution: PTFE and 316 Stainless Steel
    Outer materials: Aluminium, stainless steel and polyurethane sprayed white with highly chemically resistant epoxy paint.
    Active parts anodised red.  
    Dimensions: H 260mm x W 160mm x D 265mm
    Display: 50mm x 16mm LED display with status indicator LEDs
    Voltage input: 100V to 240V AC, 50/60Hz

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