Asia Chip Climate Controller

Asia Chip Climate Controller

Asia Climate Controller

    The Asia Chip Climate Controller enables a range of glass microreactors to be cooled or heated from -15ºC to +150ºC without the need for an external circulator or cold water supply. The Peltier based system ensures quick and accurate temperature control within a very compact module.

    The Asia Chip Climate Controller can be manually controlled from its front panel or automated from an Asia Pump or a PC using the Asia Automator.

    Chip temperature: -15ºC - +150ºC *
    Temperature set to 1ºC and displayed to 0.1ºC  
    Accuracy: +/- (0.15ºC + 0.002T) where T is temperature in ºC
    Chips accepted: 62.5µl, 250µl, 1ml and micromixer
    Microreactor wetted materials: Glass or Quartz
    Outer materials: Aluminium, stainless steel and polyurethane sprayed
    white with highly chemically resistant epoxy paint.
    PTFE, glass and anodized aluminium door.
    Active parts anodized red.  
    Dimensions: H 135mm x W 160mm x D 305mm
    Display: 50mm x 16mm LED display with status indicator LEDs
    Voltage input: 100V to 240V AC, 50/60Hz

    * Note that at ambient temperatures greater than 20ºC, the lowest achievable microreactor chip temperature may be higher than -15ºC.


    For more information please see Part No. 2200526.

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