Asia Automated Collector (Mini)

Asia Automated Collector (Mini)

Asia Automated Collector (Mini)

    The range of Asia Automated Collectors (Mini, Regular and Premium) enable fully automated collection of multiple reactions. The Asia Automated Collectors allow the solvent between samples (and/or reaction samples not at steady state) to be diverted to waste and the reaction to be collected.

    The 3-way valve automatically switches from waste to collection as the product arrives at the Automated Collector allowing total walk-away synthesis of multiple reactions and minimum collection volumes.

    The Asia Automated Collectors can be controlled by the Asia Automator and either the Asia Syringe Pump (up to 99 experiments) or the Asia Manager PC software (up to hundreds of experiments).

    This module requires the Pressure Controller.



    Asia Automated Collector (Mini)
    Wetted materials: Glass, PTFE and PCTFE and PFA
    Dimensions: W 324mm x D 292mm x H 267mm
    Maximum number of collections: 128 (12 x 75mm) tubes with optional Rack code 14
    Maximum collection volume: 20ml (28 x 60 mm scintillation vials with optional Rack code 24)

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